Music is provided here. Scarves, ribbons, fantasy costumes and much more are provided for here. This area contributes to the development of expressive language and vocabulary development.Read More →

In this area, the emphasis is on aesthetics. A children’s garden is laid out with pathways in-between the acorns and tableaus. Toddlers can access books, magazines and reading cards from a reading corner. A cage containing budgies and wild birds, as well as a camp for ducks and chickens form part of this area and toddlers become involved in looking after the area.Read More →

In this area toddlers learn all the skills to manipulate equipment with wheels. The roadway has been planned with variety in mind and boasts a bridge, a hollow and pipe hill. Negotiating side roads and around circles present further challenges. The pedestrian bridge narrows the area overhead.Read More →

The children can dig into the sand to their heart’s content and build sand castles.  Whilst playing in this area it at the same time helps the development of fine motor muscles needed for emergent writing.Read More →